Equity and non Equity


Monday, May 15th, 7pm - 10pm
Monday, May 22nd, 7pm - 10pm

Jamspot 111 South Street, Somerville MA

Please prepare a short contemporary Broadway Song that best shows your range.
You must bring your own music sheets.
An accompanist will be provided 

Men and women of all color and ethnicity are invited to audition

Middle aged man mid 40’s – mid 50’s. Great athletic Shape.
Charismatic, commanding and adored. A leader and a legend; poet and warrior, musician and King. His greatest weakness was as a father. 
(High tenor; able to reach high B-flat)

Young man in his 20’s; King Saul’s son and heir to the throne of Israel. David’s best friend and confidant. Loyal, fearless, realistic but worrisome. 
(Second tenor)

(Mid 30's plus) Vicious and dangerous. Great physical shape.
Master strategist who, in conspiratorial fashion, uses others as pawns to achieve his needs. Sinister yet captivating, can sway public opinion to create his new order. Primary object is to bring down David.
(Second Tenor)

(Older Man)
Religious, spiritual, moral leader of the people. Able to interpret God’s will to David. Devoted to the truth, and never afraid to speak.
(Not a singing part)

(Male that is usually played by a younger man but could also be portrayed at any age) Kings servant, extremely intelligent, and knows what the King needs and wants even before David does.
(Not a singing part)

(Male, athletic built)
Young captain in David’s army. Built for combat. Single minded and devoted to his determination for victory.

(Male Mid 30's plus athletic built)
General in charge of David’s army. Completely faithful to King and country. Nothing is impossible if he is in charge.
(Second Tenor)

(Female Mid 20's - mid 30's)
Young woman who steal’s David’s heart. Innocent but cunning. Torn between a lover and a husband. 
(Soprano; able to reach B-flat)

(Female mid 20's)
Dark, sultry, and seductive. An entertainer who knows how to use what she has to get what she wants. 
(Belty alto)

(Male, mid 30's plus) 
Bathsheba’s husband,  Well built. Captain in David’s army. He lives for his wife and men; and not necessarily in that order. Has blind faith in his King to the very end. 

(Male mid 20'S, Tall, preppy, skinny boy. Not athletic or muscular)
David’s older rebel son. Pompous and malevolent. Needs to align with others for strength. Believes that he will be King.
(Second Tenor)

(Male early 20's, Not as tall as Amnon but has a bigger built to him,)
David’s younger son and adviser. Originally devoted to his father; Filled with scorn and revenge when step- brother Amnon defiles his sister. Transforms into a charismatic despot bent on power and glory.

(Girl late teens - early 20's. Sweet, innocent and kind)
 Sister of Absalom’s; step sister to Amnon. Is the victim of a tragedy that changes the  lives of her family and her country

Equity actors will be paid upon rehearsal.
Non-equity actors will not be paid weekly once tour starts.

The roles of David, Sheba, Bathsheeba will be paid $500 per week plus $100.00 stipend. 
All other roles will be paid $300 per week plus $100.00 stipend. 
Travel and lodging will be provided only while we are on tour. All actors have to have their own lodging and travel while in MA. 


Rehearsals will be evenings and weekends between July 9th - Sept 6th. (Not all actors will have to be at all rehearsals.)

Show will run from Sept 7th - Oct 8th. 
The tours will be from Thursday's - Sundays. 
We will depart Boston on Thursday mornings and return Sunday evenings.

Transportation and lodging will be provided ONLY while on tour.  All actors are expected to have or make their own transportation and lodging in Massachusetts.